Does My Kitty Need An ID Tag?

Well, the first question really is, where are you going to put it? If you’re talking about kitty as an 8-week old furry babe who’s just arrived in your home, then probably you don’t need one yet. The purpose of an ID tag is to help to identify your cat should it go missing, and as your new kitty shouldn’t be going outside just yet, then it doesn’t really need an ID tag plus you’re also going to have to find somewhere to put it because 8 week old kittens are a little bit small to wear a collar!

Once your kitty is a little bigger and demanding to explore the world outside your home, then it’s time to consider an ID tag. There are many different types you can buy to attach to the kitten’s collar. These range from classy to fun, and from self-wrote information to engraved. Classy or fun is an open choice, but there are a few things you need to think about with the information if the tag is engraved, then the information is there permanently (well until you change it for another one if you move for instance), but an ID tag where you write the information needs three things firstly a permanent ink pen so that the information doesn’t wear off or fade, the information must be clear so that anyone reading it can understand the address or telephone number, and it must have some form of waterproof covering so that snow, rain and puddle damage can’t erode the information.

Another thing you could consider is having your vet implant an ID chip into your kitty. He could do this when undertaking a routine examination or perhaps taking out stitches after your kitten has been neutered. ID chipping means that there’s no possibility of your cat losing its collar and becoming ID-less, all anyone needs to do is take the kitty to the nearest authorities and they’ll be able to scan him and have you traced in the least possible time.

There are those who love the ID chip implant idea and those who hate it, and there’s no right and wrong decision, it’s very much up to you. The only thing to remember is that cats, especially kittens, sometimes need a little help getting back home, and so once your kitty is mobile enough to be outdoors, he really should have an ID tag that speaks for him.

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